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Keystone Telephone Pay Station Die Cut used on telephone booths
Welcome to my web site on Antique Telephones, signs, memorabilia and other items that pertain to the early days of communication. This site is a composite of different items that I have been collection going on 25+yrs. 
  I became interested in collecting especially telephones while I was working for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. in Salina, Kansas around 1978. I started out collecting old wooden wall phones, candlestick phones and some signs. After seeing a friends huge and mostly mint telephone sign collection, my passion and enthusiasm for them flourished and now my sign collection is larger than my phone collection. I can never rival my friends great collection, but I am proud of what I've been able to put together.
  Enjoy the following pages and if you have any questions please feel free to email me. I'll try to answer them the best that I can.
Rochester Telephone Corp. Both Die Cut, also used on telephone booths
Bell Telephone Co. Stop Accidents Hubcap usually place on the side of  vehicles with a year bar
Post No Bills S.N.E. Tel. Co. This sign was used by the Southern New England Tel. Co. to let the public know they couldn't place any type of advertising on telephone poles.
Western Electric Folding Vanity used in Telephone Co. Offices to make Long Distance phone calls.
Phones right to left American Electric Paddle Phone with Burns Receiver next is Viaduct Paddle Phone last is Baird Midgetphone 
Tandems Right to Left Stromberg-Carlson Grave Marker with brass bottom receiver, next Williams Telephone Co. with milk bottle receiver, last is a Cracraft-Leigh with glass bells
Western Electric Walnut Fiddlebacks right to left W.E. 288 with Hushaphone attachment and Pony O.S.T. Receiver, next W.E. 301 with Pony O.S.T. Receiver and walnut bells, last W.E. 301 with O.S.T Pony Receiver and Fire Call 37 advertising
Show case with assorted pocket mirrors and badges that the different Telephone Co.'s gave to there employees as give-away's, such as the pocket mirrors, or as an identification or security badge.
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Local and Long Distance Telephone Die Cut sign was 
used on telephone booths 
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